Kick-Ass Kicked Ass

So I am late to this party, but my wife and I sat down and watched the movie Kick-Ass this past weekend. Despite our normal penchant for heading to bed once the kiddo falls asleep, we watched eagerly late into the night – you know, like 11:30 pm.

I’ve got to say… it was everything I had expected and heard about, and yet strangely more. What a great flick! Yes, it was crude, extremely so in some places. But it had a childish sweetness to it, too. It was mostly devoid of the typical snarkiness that is piped into most “geeky” endeavors these days. There was less “wink-wink” humor (although the “with no power comes no responsibility” joke got both my wife and I, pleasantly so) and more a honesty and warmth of what makes comic books so well loved.

Unlike most comic book-turned-movies that are full of cheap thrills and cheap laughs, there was a lot of heart to Kick-Ass. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t Oscar-worthy material, and let me also say, there WERE a lot of cheap thrills and laughs. I mean – SPOILER – the main villain gets blown out a window with a bazooka. But there was a sweetness to it.

The geek got the hot girl, yeah… but in a way which was both comical, outrageous and still somewhat sweet. It delighted the inner geek in me in a big way – that this kid that was a total dork got to WIN. And of course, as has been said a thousand times before, Hit Girl was completely inappropriate and so totally funny, sweet, and special.

Yeah, ok, so it was a comic book movie. But it was just another comic book movie – in the world of constant drivel that pours out of Hollywood these days, Kick-Ass was a fun and welcome respite.

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  1. If you've seen this movie and a few episodes of Daria, and can mentally cross Daria and Hit Girl, you've pretty much got my girlfriend, lol. For that reason, and because its hilarious, I love this movie.