Live and Let Die... or Dice. Roll.

Bad pun notwithstanding, it's been a spirited day in the twitterverse and the blogosphere. Some folks said some stuff that rubbed people the wrong way. It happens. I think the endgame has to be, for everyone, that some games are for you, and some games are for me, and we may never meet in the middle... but damnit, for the sake of the community we should try.

Be it Math, History, or English... or Pathfinder, AD&D 2nd edition, or D&D 4e... we've all got our opinions on what is easy, what is hard, and what we like and dislike. Throughout the course of this blog it'll be pretty easy to pick up which games I love, and which ones I don't know much about, and which ones I don't like. But, I promise I'll do my best to be honest about why I like or dislike something, or someone, or some place.

I really, really hate Creed. A lot. Just a shitty band, all together. Pompous lead singer, reused Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots riffs. Not for me... I prefer the latter examples, actually.

So yeah... rants like that, from time to time. But honestly, I think the best policy is to say less of "you play yours and I'll play mine," and more "let's play yours and then play mine." Experience both worlds, and don't trash the other's treasure while you're at it. If you honestly don't appreciate it after an expert runs you through... politely move on. Leave your bridges unburned.

Stone Gossard (he of Pearl Jam fame) once said he used everything he heard, drew inspiration even from music he didn't like... because you never knew where you'd hear a good idea. Likewise, we should approach the gaming hobby the same way - with eyes and ears open, if for no other reason than to find a good villain to steal, adventure thread to pilfer, or pocket to pick.

Live and let the dice fall where they may. Love what you gotta love. Except for Creed... they fuckin' suck.

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